Data Protection

Confidentiality: The confidentiality of your personal and medical information is of paramount concern to us and Spire is committed to compliance with data protection legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. We may share your personal and medical information with other members of the Spire Group for the purposes of providing your care or administering your contract. In the course of our business, we may use third parties to process your personal and medical information on our behalf. Such processing is subject to contractual provisions regarding confidentiality and security, in addition to the obligations imposed by the data protection legislation.

Medical Information: Your medical information will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to those involved with your care. This includes doctors and Spire clinical and administrative staff and your GP (unless you have not given us consent).

Your personal and medical information may be disclosed to the Cancer Registry and Public Health England or the analogous bodies in Wales and Scotland in accordance with S.251 of the NHS Act 2006 and the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002.

Research: Spire supports research projects which have received ethics approval. Anonymised or aggregated medical information may be used by Spire, or disclosed to third parties for research or statistical purposes. You will not be identifiable from such research. Spire also supports research to assess the long term effectiveness of treatment. To assist such research, your personal and medical information may be used by Spire or disclosed to researchers at other organisations. Your personal and medical information will be used only for the purposes of research and only where anonymised or aggregated information would not be sufficient.

Clinical Audit: Spire is required to conduct audits of health records, including medical information, for quality assurance purposes. Your personal and medical information will be treated in accordance with guidance issued by the CQC (England), Health Inspectorate Wales and Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the relevant data protection legislation.

Telephone Calls: In the interest of continuously improving our services to patients, calls you make to Spire or received from Spire may be monitored or recorded.

Spire Healthcare privacy policy