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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information – please read carefully before booking

Your visit to a Spire hospital may be affected by local coronavirus restrictions. Once you've made an online booking, we'll only contact you if your appointment needs to be held virtually. If you don't hear from us, your appointment will be face to face.

Visitors: To help protect our staff, patients and consultants, you can bring one accompanying visitor to your appointment.

Face masks: It is a mandatory requirement for patients to wear a mask within our hospitals in Scotland unless medically exempt. For our hospitals in England and Wales, anyone with any respiratory symptoms must wear a face mask. All other outpatients are not required to wear a mask unless this is their personal preference.

Please do not attend the hospital if you develop COVID-19 symptoms. Read the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) information

We do not offer COVID-19 testing as part of our private GP service.


About the Spire GP service

Please read the FAQs before booking an appointment. They explain what you can see a GP about and what’s not covered by this service.

Follow up appointments are not available to book through this service but you can contact the hospitals directly to arrange this.

You can book appointments for yourself or on behalf of another patient using this online booking service.

To book online and secure an appointment you will need to make a payment online. Your appointment will be held for 20 minutes.

We will ask you for brief details of the symptoms you wish to discuss with the GP and when you first noticed these.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.